Find the tools you need to build chatbots & digital assistants!

Connecting with computers using human language will have an impact on how people use computers as profound as the earlier introduction of the point-and-click Graphical User Interface. The Bots & Assistants Conference is focused on helping you understand both the potential and practical limitations of today’s technology, as well as the state of tools that can help accelerate being part of this critical advance.

Available tools range from template-like solutions for specific industries, such as utilities or banks, where no expertise in the underlying technology is necessary, to full solutions that are designed for more tuning to your specific company or application, to individual technologies such as Natural Language Processing and speech recognition that you can use if your development team wants full control. Other types of tools include analytics that can extract key information from unstructured data to provide insights into what your customers are asking or available answers to inquiries.

See Why Bots and Assistants? for a deeper discussion of this trend.

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