There are two sponsorship options:

  • Conference Sponsor (including Demo Derby) - $2,500

  • Demo Derby only - $500


Conference Sponsor

Conference sponsorship benefits include:

  • Credit as a Sponsor on the Home Page of the conference site, with the company name and/or logo and a link to the company web page. This recognition will be seen by anyone visiting the web site from the date the sponsor signs on. (The order of logos on the home page is the order in which a company commits to be a sponsor.)

  • Similar sponsorship credit in many of the marketing email blasts advertising the conference or announcing the program.

  • A demo in the Demo Derby (see description below).

  • Priority placement at the top of the Demo Derby page, with indication of sponsor status.

  • Priority consideration for speaking slots and panels: Early commitment will help us provide sponsors with representation in the program, but participation cannot be guaranteed due to limited speaking slots. (Not all speakers will be sponsors.)


Demo Derby participation only

A demo includes the name of the company, a text description explaining the product or service demoed no longer than 50 words, and a video up to three minutes that can end with a web site location (as text in the video, not a link) or other contact info.

  • Demo Derby participation includes a demo (as described above) available on the Demo Derby page that includes the company name clearly displayed, the text description, and a link to the video which plays on the conference web site (not redirected to a company web site).

  • The order of display of the demo links is Conference Sponsors first (identified as such) and then companies in the order they commit to Demo Derby participation. (An early decision will give you an advantageous position.)

  • Demos will be available from the start of the conference through the evening of the end of the conference, even during talks.

If you have questions or want to sponsor or participate in the Demo Derby, contact info@avios.org or call Peggie at 408.323.1783.

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