The program is under development. Most speakers will be invited.

Topics will include:

  • Automating customer service with speech recognition at call centers, chatbots at web sites, connections through the general personal assistants (e.g., Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant), apps on smartphones, messaging applications, and more!

  • Helping employees use company services such as human resources with NLP for Frequently Asked Questions and more.

  • Making more effective use of enterprise software by allowing the use of NLP, including speech recognition, to improve timely and accurate use by employees of enterprise software, such as databases.

  • Providing human-language interfaces for applications for web sites or mobile phones, adding a major user interface innovation to your service or tool.

  • Individual technologies that can be used to support creating an NLP interface or developing a tool to support developing NLP applications.

  • Innovating with applications using a human-language interface: What is your idea?!

  • Understanding the implications of unstructured text and voice data using NLP and possibly speech recognition, including analytics software.


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