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Demo Derby

Held November 9 & 10 

The Bots & Assistants Conference | Conversations with Computers  

Attend from wherever you are. 

Designed for the current world we live in!

Join other attendees and speakers in smaller discussion groups after the talks

Demo Derby will open two weeks before the conference

BotsandAssistantsConf: a new international conference on a major trend. Using natural language processing and speech recognition to build chatbots, virtual agents for customer service, and digital assistants is increasingly required of companies.


Find the tools you need to build chatbots & digital assistants!

About Bots 

“Talking to computers” has been a staple of science fiction for decades. Conversations between humans and computers requires at its core the ability to understand human language—“natural language processing” (NLP). 


With today’s conversational technology, you can--

Automate your call center with virtual agents
Provide a smartphone chat or voice app
Make an eyes-free voice connection in autos
Get insights from unstructured
voice and text files
Engage customers with automated conversations
on your web site
Connect with customers through the general voice assistants

Demo Derby

Companies that can help you develop Bots, Assistants, and other NLP applications

NLP analyzes text—either typed text or text created by speech recognition technology.

Conference Sponsors



Join us to discuss controversial topics

in conversational technology

Conference Summary - major trends and insights

View the final talk at the conference, given by William Meisel, Executive Director of AVIOS, summarizing the conference content.

Conference Organizers

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